Meet Mrs. Kitty!

If you know me… you know I love my cat! Her name is Kitty.  I know, I know, the names a little basic. I gave her a few different names as a kitten from “Harlee Quinn, Presley Monroe, RiRi and more… but Kitty just stuck. She is completely black which is part of the reason I was drawn to her because black cats are the most killed in shelters.

Anyways, I got her a couple of years ago while visiting the local animal shelter in Nashville. I wasn’t planning on adopting that day, but for some reason I just felt connected to her. I later found out that she was really sick and ended up having to give her food and medicine through a syringe to keep her alive. I remember them asking if I wanted a new kitten instead after finding out a day later she was in really poor health and thinking “screw that,  I’m in it with this “b*tch for life”. I was not returning my cat like a pair of shoes. Luckily, Kitty is in good health now and is going to be 4 soon! For people looking for pets, I would definitely recommend adopting from your local shelter. I found my perfect cat that no other could replace. 

If up above doesn’t already say enough, yes, Kitty has made me a cat lady. But I love my feisty girl! 

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