Let’s Talk About The Twang

If I had a penny every time someone commented on my  “twang” I’d have a Yacht… or two. Lol Anyways, if you’ve known me well… you know that I have had a country sound ever since I started singing in 5th grade. Being from Colorado, some people are a little shocked because sometimes I sound like I am from the deep South when I am not. My theory as to why I sing with a country accent is because I believe I learned to speak from my parents, but I learned to sing from Country icons.

To be honest, through out the years, I have done a wide array of genres ranging from playing roles in musicals, Opera competitions and more. However, I have always found myself drawn back to my country sound. Not to be cliche… but I truly believe “I didn’t choose country, country chose me”. 😉


Elena  Myles


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