Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour Concert

Last Friday I experienced the concert of my life…literally. I saw one of my idols  Kacey Musgrave’s perform her final concert for her iconic “Oh What A World Tour” at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The concert actually broke the female artist attendance record and it was truly nothing less than magical.

I have  been a super fan of hers for a while now, but this was actually my first experience seeing her perform live in person. And let me tell you,  it was everything I dreamed it would be and more! It definitely did not disappoint.

To be honest, Kacey might be the coolest person on earth. Her vibe was insane! She doesn’t just make records, she makes art that takes fans on a creative journey. Even though she looks like a Barbie (not referencing the MET gala lol) with flawless musicianship… she still maintains this incredible authenticity to her. She is definitely the kind of girl that I would want to hangout with. When it comes to my own music, I am really inspired by her to create really great music that moves people. She sells out concerts but she definitely is not a sell out! Its amazing to see an artist become a country queen even though she is barely supported by country radio. She defies odds and pushes limits and I think that’s a quality that we all would benefit from obtaining.

She played some of her classics from her previous album along with her most recent album “Golden Hour”. It was definitely a night I wont forget seeing someone I find so inspiring light up an arena. I loved her past records, I love “Golden Hour” and I can’t wait for what she does next.



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  1. Great blog. However since I’m a word nazi I have to point out that I think that the “defiantly” is meant to be definitely. Although I know tat Kacey Musgrave would love to know that you defiantly uphold her. Just kidding! Great blog by the way!

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