10 Random Fun Facts About Me!


1. I hate chocolate. And honestly,  I thank the Lord that I do. I have the biggest sweet tooth in general so I am glad that this decreases some of my options. I definitely make up for it with caramel and vanilla flavored desserts.

2. I love trucks! In high school I drove my Grandpas Burgundy King Ranch for a while before getting my Dads Chevy Avalanche. I still drive the Avalanche today but she is getting older and I am sad that I will have to trade her in soon. Not gonna lie… I am emotionally attached to my truck. The “L” in Avalanche fell of the back so I named her “Ava Anch’e”. She’s French American obviously.

3. I had a pet micro pig named Jimmie Dean. I ordered him off a website called Texas Tiny Pigs and he was so sweet! Unfortunately, he grew to big to be a house pig and we knew he’d be happier on a farm. We found him a great home where he is now thriving!

4. Speaking of #4… I was born on November 4th and it is my favorite number. I guess you can say I am kind of superstitious  when it comes to this number. Whenever I see 4444, I know its going to be a good day. On the other hand, I hate the number 6. 

5. I am Scorpio! I am not to invested in my horoscopes but the description of a Scorpio definitely fits me. 

6. I sing more than just country. In Colorado, there was not a lot of singing opportunity so I really did whatever was available. From musical theater, opera, pop, soul and more….I’ve done it.

7.In conjunction with the last fact, I actually did two musicals in high school. I was Rizzo in Grease and Ado Annie in Oklahoma. It was such a good experience! I always got casted as the supporting spicy brunette character. I personally preferred these roles because I got to be the fun antagonist of the production. However, not to be controversial, at  first I used to be salty about not getting certain roles. I could play a sweet little blonde but I didn’t have to “play” a spicy brunette… and that’s why I would always get these roles. I remember telling my vocal coach that I wanted to be Sandy in Grease and I actually prepared for that role…. before my audition my coach told me not be upset when I was cast as Rizzo. I personally believe that a lot of leading roles are sweet blonde women and its a bit frustrating to me. Anyways, I always prayed that when they’d reveal the musical for the year that it would be “Wicked” or something with a character like that.  My dream roles is to play Elphaba in Wicked. I love all that her character stands for.

8. The Ave Maria has been my most successful and requested song up until this day. I started singing the Ave Maria in middle school and it has landed me on the news and created many different relationships for me. I get requested to sing it at a lot of funerals and weddings. Its crazy how one song can make people feel something at two completely opposite events.

9. I have three brother and no sisters! John, Nick and Richard!  Two older, one younger. People always ask if I would want a sister and the answer is “Hell No”.  I love my girlfriends but I think it would have been hard to be with them constantly. I wouldn’t change my three brothers for anything! Also, I never have to worry about being the favorite sister because they don’t have a choice.

10. One of my pupils is bigger than the other. In high school, we realized my right side was way bigger and at first they were worried that it was a brain tumor pushing on it or other underlining issue causing it. After the initial scare and further testing, we realized I was just one of the .3% of people in the world with noticeable different pupil sizes.

Hope you guys enjoyed some of these random facts. I wanted to keep them raw, random and real so take them as you will. Thanks again for following my journey.






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